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Alex began his craft as both a finish carpenter and tiler. After years honing his skills it was time to launch his passion for crafting high-end products into a full scale custom home building company. He has a Masters degree in Architecture, proudly serves the US Army as an engineer officer and enjoys the office side of things yet still works in the field.



Designer 'aka the real boss'

Since 2015 Kate has helped shape the success of our business. Having a Masters in Architecture, she pretty much runs the design side of things. From initial meetings to conceptual sketches to final material selections she is the 'go-to' person. Oh and she is also Indigo's real estate agent who enjoys locally crafted beer.

jeremy molewyk.jpg


Project Manager

Jeremy Molewyk is in charge of many Indigo design + build projects, and expertly prioritizes tasks and resources.
Dubbed 'The Brut' Jeremy is the workhorse on site consistently ensuring everything is perfect. Since joining our team in 2017 he brings new insight and creative ways to meet the goals established by our clients. Indigo design + build would definitely not be the same without our him.

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