01.       DISCOVERY

This is the part were we get to learn about each other. We work closely with clients to gain an understanding of your desires and needs, both the philosophical (your vision) and the practical (number of bedrooms and bathrooms). We strive to learn what is important to you and work to protect that throughout the life of the project.

02.       IMAGINE

This is the fun part where we get to work (plenty of paper, ink, graphite, onion skin, late nights and lots of coffee), composing ideas through schematic drawings that conceptually entrench the results of discovery. In close discussion with clients — and when required, the municipality — we refine these drawings until we have a master site plan, an estimated schedule and an estimated budget.

03.       CREATE

This is the ‘meat and potatoes’ part where we prepare formal drawings that are submitted for permit to the municipality. By now, the budget been clearly defined and the schedule further clarified by the client, designer and general contractor. While waiting for municipality approval, we also complete the detailed construction documentation required for construction.

04.       BUILD

Once building commences, we provide construction administration, which includes both field reviews and billing oversight. We ensure that we are building exactly what we’ve designed and has been approved by the municipality, and we work together on solutions for conditions that could not have been foreseen and are in keeping with the original intent of the project. Everything comes to a close when the keys are handed over and our clients can start their next chapter in life.